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But I guess it’s fair to say that for as many people who actually care what the sex will be, there are just as many people who could not care less, and have particular disdain for the gender reveal party.Even Miss Manners, in The Washington Post, once advised against this type of indulgent celebration for the main reason that “not everyone is as excited as you are about every detail of your child’s life, let alone the pre-life.” (Though I’ll be the first to admit how easy it is to get sucked into the “just because it’s important to me, it must be important to everyone” mentality.)I don’t take issue with the intentions of expectant parents who throw these parties. What’s not to love about the anticipation of a new baby boy or baby girl? What I Upon learning that our first-born was a boy, my husband and I felt a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment.Or, it may be given to a sales associate in a clothing store to box up a gender specific baby outfit, wrap it, and have the couple open it at the party while their guests look on.There are as many variations and ideas of how to do the gender reveal portion as there are stars in the sky.What’s not to love about shopping for cute outfits, and knowing that the expectant couple wants you to share in that precious moment with them… It was the first grandson for my parents, and the first grandchild ever for my husband’s parents.This was going to be a boy - someone to carry on the family name! Also, I couldn’t wait to try out all those early childhood parenting theories and techniques I wrote about in my senior thesis for my Psychology degree.

When my husband and I found out that our first child was going to be a boy, we celebrated the moment quietly with my parents, who gave birth to three girls, and up to that point, had all granddaughters.I had no way of knowing this child would be my now high school junior with a 4.3 GPA in all honors and AP courses.This would be the child who at age 16 always holds doors open for people, and says, “Mom, let me get that,” when he sees me carrying the laundry basket downstairs. When we tried to determine the sex of baby #2, on four different occasions, the very experienced ultrasound technician told us that she was sorry, but she simply could not tell.Typically, gender reveal party themes are involved, in what seems to be an ongoing competition to see which parents can out-cute all the other parents in Pinterest Land.These themes run the gamut from saccharine sweet ducks (“Waddle it be?

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